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About Us

Ultimate Dollar Clicks is performance-based network with office in Jersey City, NJ has global reach throughout the internet. This company was started in 2010 with a vision to deliver results in digital marketing world

Our digital marketing strategy is ever evolving business model where our team is fully devoted to make things easier for our publishers and Advertisers. Constant research and innovation is mantra of our success.

Our dedicated team has professionals with various domain experience and they contribute to build a success formula. Endless hours are spent on working with Advertisers and publishers to understand their requirements and goals. Every publisher and advertiser has specific targets, both advertiser and publishers share common goal to increase the sales but stand just opposite to each other in terms of sales strategy.

Best way to understand the need is to talk to them; this is what our team specializes in.

We offer net 30 payments as our default payment to start off with. Once you have established a reputation for superior quality, we will set you to weekly, bi-weekly payouts.
It’s the only solution you’ll ever need to manage your online campaign. Consider us as your last CPA network you will ever need as an affiliate or advertiser. Please talk to your affiliate manager for details.

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