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You got a perfect product for people and ready to sell it to more and more customers? Increase your list of faithful customers with our expert staff and automated tools.

We offer below services:

  • 1. Traffic: Our different sources of traffic like Affiliates, Email, Display, Mobile and social media delivers high-quality paid conversions for sure.

  • 2. Innovation: Affiliate Marketing always offers new challenges in terms of finding targeted traffic or safeguarding our advertisers from any malpractices. These challenges lead us to innovate more every other day.

  • 3. Compliance and Quality Assurance: Using our powerful platform powered by HasOffers incorporated with other fraud detection kits you are not only enjoying a significant volume of leads, but you’ll rest easy knowing your campaign is being promoted ethically and on-brand.

  • 4. Dashboard and Reports: Being an advertiser you are more concerned about how we are performing. Our platform offers you more than 20 customizable reports. Apart from that you can set reports you want to see it on your home page. All the reports are just a click away.

  • 5. Affiliate Recruitment Team: Starting from Affiliate recruitment to campaign distributions we take care of all. Since the time any affiliate signs up with our network they have to go through lot of approval steps. We have expert team to take care of this and we don’t approve affiliate until we talk to them and make sure everything looks good.

  • 6. Dedicated Account Manager: All advertisers are assigned dedicated account manager for any help or assistance. You can call or email for any doubts or questions you have.

  • 7. Phone or Email Support: You can reach out to your Account Manager by phone in business hours or by email anytime. Our email turnaround time is very quick and never exceeds more than 2 hours.

  • 8. Affiliate Learning Center: We provide our affiliates with lot of new articles and latest techniques to improve their traffic sources. Our industry expert keep track of affiliates traffic source and guide them if needed to improve conversion rate.

We spend lot of hours to go over requirements and prepare action plan and work on it as working for our personal goals. We achieve it for ourselves and put across to the advertisers.
Ultimate Dollar Clicks is perfect extension to your in-house efforts. We’re performance marketing experts, we’re results-oriented marketers, and we’re focused on delivering responsible and sustainable results.