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Affiliates are our best and priceless asset. Ultimate Dollar Clicks being young network take care of affiliates and their opinions very seriously.
We get 100s of new affiliates application per day but choosing them is just like recruiting a resource to work for our client and if he does anything good or bad it comes straight on us. So we are very strict in our selection process but after they are part of UDC family they are eligible to get best out of our community.

We really love affiliates who are part of UDC or wishing to join us.

There are hundreds of Affiliate Networks out there today, so why chose us?

1. We Give Top Payouts
We really negotiate with advertisers and networks to get best payouts for you.

2. We have Real Time Tracking & Reports
Being an Affiliate you are more concerned about how your traffic is converting. Our platform offers you more than 20 customizable reports. Apart from that you can set reports you want to see on your home page. All the reports are just a click away.

3. Dedicated Account Manager:
All advertisers are assigned dedicated account manager for any help or assistance. You can call or email for any doubts or questions you have.

4. Top Rated Customer Support
You can reach out to your Account Manager by phone in business hours or by email anytime. Our email turnaround time is very quick and never exceeds more than 2 hours.

5. Different Payment Options (with volume & quality)
We offer net 30 payments as our default payment to start off with. Once you have established a reputation for superior quality, we will set you to weekly, bi-weekly payouts.

6. Affiliate Learning Center:
We provide you with lot of new articles and latest techniques to improve yours traffic sources. Our industry expert keep track of traffic sources and guide you if needed to improve conversion rate.